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7 tips to perform well in your job interview

  It is time to take part in a job interview with your employer. Only when you have careful preparation and confidence in your fluent and excellent answers to all thorny questions can you win success in the interview.

Following are some helpful pieces of advice to equip you with necessary skills to confidently join a job interview amd to soon become the first choice of the employer.

1. Careful preparation

Remember to prepare all the statistic and information to prove your ability and value to the employer. You should consider the appropriate positions for your ability and value. Consequently, it is very important to learn about and compare different positions carefully before your apply. The requirements and the responsibilities of the positions will help you to make a right decision of what position to apply for

2. Reveal that your aim is the fairness and opportunities for promotion.

Affirm that your purpose of applying for the job is to seek for a good working environment, the fairness and opportunities for promotion in that company.  Based on your study about the employer, ask them about your responsibilities if your are employed as well as the company’s aim and plan for future development. Employers normally have deep impression on candidates who have wide knowledge on the company and careful preparation before the interview.

3. Prove that employing you does not mean spending money but investing money. 

Prove that you have ability and experience to help the company find solutions for the turnover increase, expense reduction, good working performance and so on. You should have outlines or diagrams to illustrate your ideas. Use realistic statistic if you can.  It is very important to carefully learn about the position you apply for since it helps you prove that you have necessary experience, ability and strengths to satisfy the employer’s needs. A number of employers really want to know why they should employ you. Prove that you are the best choice for them. 

4. Never reveal your real present and expected salary and bonuses once you hav not known the job requirements.

After you have proved your ability and value to the employer, the best way to mention the salary is to asking about the job requirements first. Then you can offer a certain range of payment, bonuses, allowances and other benefits to negotiate.  In case the interviewer insists you give a specific number, it is a good idea to have a survey before the interview. Ask people at the similar position in order to give a proper number, which proves that you know how to assess the value of your labor and how to gain the fairness from the employer. 

5. Be always self-controlled and determined during the interview

Before the interview, you must know exactly the reason why you want to work there and the price you have to pay for the job. You should question yourself how valuable the opportunity is to you, what you have to give up to get the opportunity, what you have to swap for the success in the new job, whether there are any obligatory requirements. During the interview, be calm and determined in answering questions and asserting your value. However, your demands ought to be flexible depending on the employer’s capacity in satisfying those demands. Think of your working days with the salary, bonuses, and opportunities to learn new things and to participate in important meetings that you will have once being employed.

6. Keep in mind that this is a beneficial-for-both-sides opportunity 

You need to express that you really want to get the job and that it is a lucid decision to employ you. You can be of service to them when being employed.   Don’t go straight to the payment and bonuses and pay too much consideration to them. What matters most here is that you have opportunities to assert yourself, to help the employer find good solutions for business growth, to promote the effectiveness of the sales and marketing activities and to bring about better results.  Your interest in payment and your mentioning that issue right at the very beginning may make a prejudice against you in the employer’s evaluation. The topic of payment will surely be mentioned by the employer, maybe at the end of the interview. You do not need to be hasty.

7. Pay more attention to your boss to-be than the personnel managers. 

It would be fascinating if your future boss, who understands his demands clearly, himself decides to employ you. Having a talent as an employee will bring him a lot of benefits. Hence, show your most appropriate skills at the very beginning and negotiate to get the most advatages fro yourself when you are employed.  After all, a job interview is a good opportunity for you to shine. Thus, there id no place for the humbleness. Express your confidence and enthusiasm and don’t forget to polish yourself.  

(Source: Bwportal)