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Recruitment Policy

P rofessional environment, challenging job, opportunities to work with the experienced people who used to work in multinational corporations are good choices for your career development. We undertake to create good conditions for you to achieve your career. This company is the place you can show your creativeness freely, put knowledge and experiences into practice in order to build and develop our company.

  • Training program help employees develop and achieve career objectives.

  We understand that training and human resources development is the strategy of investment for our company’s success in the future. So, being a member of our company will give you opportunities to be trained to improve your skills and knowledge for your work. Professional and skills training courses as well as practical training days are held frequently. In Phuoc Khang, we work out a plan of career development for you and bring you suitable training programs to help you improve working effects. When your working effects are improved, you will be entrusted with more challenging tasks, together with assistance form your colleagues and superiors, and therefore your career objective will be achieved.

  • Satisfactory salary and benefits

  We believe that human is the most valuable property of our com pany, so we consider salary as the most effective investment. When working at Phuoc Khang, you will get a satisfactory salary according to your working capacity and competitive salary.  

Recognizing your contribution is our concern. The program of performance appraisal and attractive annual bonus show our consideration for your success and reflect the fair between employees. Besides, Health Insurance Program and transport assistance are also one of distinguishing benefits we give to you.