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Needed Characteristics To Be A "Boss"

To become a boss, you need to be able to do many jobs concurrently. You are in charge of contacting business partners, drafting business contracts, building business strategies, managing staff, and overall you should learn to listen and comprehend all the problems with your staff.

A manager is just like a circus performer who has to toss many balls simultaneously. And you ahould know hoe to manage your time effectively so as to make sure that all the projects are established and completed on schedule. 

A sharp intuition.

As a manager, you have to make important decisions which influence the whole organization. And of course you are not always the winner, which does not mean that you are allowed to make mistakes many times. To reduce risks in business, you must have a sharp intuition to make right decisions based on accurate evidence. Business is not a game of luck. 

Management skills

Such management skills as accounting, statistical skills, scheduling, managing budgets and so on are compulsory to a manager.   

Team managing capacity

Managing is of the basic factor of a manager. You must be able to organize and assign work to group members, to stimulate them to work efficiently and, most important of all,  to take advantage of each member’s strong points. Can you do it ? To be a group leader, you should know to evoke inspiration from your group members, to solve conflicts whenever there is one.  And you should learn to overcome difficulties to get success. 

Understanding your employees

To be a good manager, you should understand your employees rather than giving orders and shouting.

To get sympathy from your employees, you need to listen to them and understand them. When there is a problem, put yourself in the particular situation to have an appropriate solution. 

A little ambition

Did you hope to become a favorite student as a class leader in your childhood ? The answer to that question tells you if you have a desire to become a leader or not. It takes you a lot of time a effort to assert all your abilities to become a leader. It is a race for months and years which asks for your endurance, patience, determination, and even your sacrifice to get the desired position.

(Source : HRVietnam)